Hi again, I want to talk on the subject of keyword density in posts or articles, as this is something that is not always very well understood and that lack of understanding can either cause some unwanted results as far as search engine ranking goes or it can lead to problems with ad targeting if you’re using PPC such as Adsense on your blog.

When you write an article on a certain subject, whatever it may be, as long as you are knowledgeable about that subject and are able to write naturally and normally, then chances are you are going to include your main keyword in that article a number of times as well as a number of related long tail keywords. Most people do this without even thinking about it and that’s what a well written and natural article will and should usually look like. To readers, it should flow naturally and be interesting and informative and relevant to the topic, while to the search engine and PPC ad bots that will crawl the article, it should tell them enough about it for them to do their job and report back to base that the article needs to be included in ite relevant section of the search index and relevant ads should be served to its visitors.

In an ideal world, that’s how it shoudl go. But more often than not, it doesn’t!

To write articles that are optimized for both search results indexing and ad serving, you need to be aware of what you are doing as far as including your keywords goes. It means you need a little of that on-page SEO knowledge to really get the best from your article if you want search visitors to find it and if you want them to be served relevant ads for them to take action with should they so desire.

It comes down to the density of your keywords in your article. If that density s too low, you may not get ranked well and your ads may be non-relevant. If that density os too high, you could face a penalty certainly from Google who may view your article as what is termed “keyword stuffed” which they view as a technique used by spammers to try and game the system to get ranked higher. It doesn’t work but that still doesn’t stop noobs from trying it, with often disastrous results.

So what is the best or optimum density that you should aim for? Well, you should ensure that your main keyword appears at least 1% of the time but absolutely no more than 5%. If your keyword is a two-word or multiple-word keyword, then you need to make sure that the density is correct for the multiple and not for the single individual words. As an example, if your post was about “make money online”, then if that three word keyword shows up once every 60 words, then you have a 5% density and you may want to consider reducing it. For a two word keyword, the same density would be achieved if it showed up once every 40 words.

The optimum then, is around the 3-4% density mark and that is sufficient to get the right ads to fire up (assuming your keyword also exists in the post title) and you won’t incur a penalty from Google.

Hope that helps!

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