Its back to basics in this post for affiliate marketing and here are a few tips on how to boost sales and rake in more commissions from your affiliate links.

The first rule of making money with affiliate products whichever source you like to get them from, be it Clickbank, Commission Junction, Linkshare or Amazon for example, is you need to get people to see your stuff! If nobody is getting to your website, blog, or mini site then nobody is going to click through your affiliate links and you are not going to make money. Pretty simple observation you might think, but you’d be surprised at how many noobs will spend weeks putting up a site, make it look all pretty and fill it full of PLR crap they paid some scammer in the Warrior Forum for. Then they add links to a bunch of Clickbank products (because that’s the first affiliate program they signed up for) and then sat back and waited for the money to roll in.

To get that money, you need traffic and the first rule is to get that traffic one way or another. The best way is to get it from the search engines using “buying” keywords to attract attention to the site – but to do that you have to rank for those buying keywords. To do that you need to be backlinking each article for each product so that each article will rank for a bunch of related keywords. Buying keywords are made up of the product you are selling plus prefixing words like “discount…” ; “cheap…” ; “buy…” ; “best prices…” ; “where can I buy…” etc.

While your busy trying to get that traffic you might also want to take a look at the content in that blog or website. if its duplicate PLR junk, chances are Google at least will not rank your site at all for anything, leaving you to rely on the lesser traffic from Yahoo and Bing and the rest. That’s okay, but you really should be doing whatever you can to get ranked in Google for your keywords as they control over 60% of all worldwide searches.

That means dumping the PLR or spun or copied junk and writing your own reviews of each product. That way you’ll find you are much more valuable to Google as a good resource and anyone landing on your site from their index will get a decent visitor experience because they can read something that is coherent, informative and just might be good enough to convince them they need whatever product you are selling.

That leads nicely onto the next point and that’s the products themselves. Sure you can do well with Clickbank stuff, but really, most people that are looking to buy something are not really interested in an eBook that’s trying to scam them into some system or other to make money. Most ordinary people are searching for stuff to buy online because its cheaper and more convenient than going to the stores. So all you need to do is think of what people buy when they go to the stores and you can bet there will be comparable stuff online that is cheaper. It’s really up to you what you want to review and write about. It can be anything from clothes and fashion, gadgets, to kitchen appliances or even a home popcorn maker! You’ll find this stuff at Commission Junction, Amazon etc and you’ll be amazed to see that some really big stores have affiliate programs.

This is a better way to sell stuff because you are selling real goods to people that want them. You are brokering the deal because you, as an affiliate, control the traffic (or you should be) and the big stores understand that. You become a salesman and the Internet and its search engines become your leads that you pre-sell with your website and its product review pages to send those prospective buyers on to the stores to buy their products at a discount and everyone is happy. The buyer gets their stuff cheap, the store gets their sale and you get your commission for bringing the two together.

So that’s how affiliate marketing works and all you have to do is write great reviews worded to sell the products, then get the traffic to your site so that lots of people read them. Bottom line is:

“Affiliates Control the Traffic”

Remember that and you will make money.


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