Its time to move this blog away from general Internet Marketing things, which you can find in hundreds of other blogs if you know where to go looking. Instead, I want to move the focus more to the affiliate marketing side of the business and where this blog is heading in terms of providing useful information as well as hands on promotion of certain products.

It probably didn’t get by you that the theme of this site has moved in the direction of kitchen appliances and gadgets to help with food preparation and cooking. The “bake” part of the domain sort of lent itself to that particular niche, so it makes pretty good sense to follow that up and start writing some reviews of what goes into the kitchen.

So you’ll find reviews on such things as the Cuisinart Griddler, the Hamilton Beach slow cooker, the extremely useful Kitrics digital nutrition scale and the Presto hot air corn popper to name but a few. These things can be found on Amazon as well as other online stores that stock kitchen stuff.

There is more scope for this site, thanks to its unusual domain name. The “radio” part will lend itself to expanding into the radio, communications and gadget side of the market, which is going to be the next avenue to follow. Its all about creating original, well written reviews of the product in question and putting it up in its own page here on the site. That way, people can find the exact product in search, and get a review that is actually worth reading.

All too often, newcomers to affiliate marketing are in such a rush to get their sites up and attracting commissions, that they skip this important step and instead go for the fast option of putting up an Amazon widget of some kind that lists a bunch of stuff they sell. It might look nice and fill a site up with affiliate products to market, but people are less likely to find them because there is no useful content around them and the search engines are only going to rank useful sites these days. Ok, some rogues will get through in the short term under a barrage of spammy links, but in the long term, they will fall bu the wayside and the “real” sites with good content, good reviews and an overall good visitor experience will float to the top naturally.

So that’s where we are and where we’re heading here at


Bake Radio