What is domain authority and how does it relate to Bake Radio? Well, first of all domain authority is something that is given to a domain by Google (and other search engines) that has shown itself to be trustworthy, is informative and relevant to its niche or main keywords and provides the visitor with what is considered by the search engines as a good user experience.

How it relates to Bake Radio is an ongoing project that aims to achieve exactly that for this domain as a money making blog and website. I’ll explain how that can happen.

Age Before Beauty?

For a domain to achieve authority status in the first place, it needs to have some age behind it to begin with and then must provide its visitors with a worthwhile experience while they are on its pages. So say a person was looking up information on mens wigs and they found the page here among the Bake Radio Stations, when they landed on that page and they were provided with a good, informative and well written article on the subject, they would go away happy that they’d found what they were looking for.

This is a good user experience and one which, when Google likes your website, it wants people who use its index to get when they click on sites listed in there. If, on the other hand they landed on a page that contained little or no useful information buried inside a page full of ads, that would be a bad user experience and one that would reflect badly on Google’s index. A site like that would not be welcome in their index and they are working constantly to eradicate those types of sites.

How Good is Your Site?

So getting back to domain authority, if your site can provide lots of well written, informative articles targeted to either the main keywords that are relevant to the domain, or to the categories set up in a more general themed domain, then Google will look upon that site as being exactly what they want to be found in their index.

Add to the mix other established and well respected websites that regard your site as worthwhile and relevant to their own linking to your articles and your domain is then deemed by Google as being an authority in its niche.

This is what I’m working toward with Bake Radio as I create more Stations with good, original, informative and relevant articles. The more content I create, the bigger the site becomes and the more likely that other site owners will link to my articles because they are worthwhile and useful.

It’s a necessary process for any site owner who wants their site to grow and become established as an authority on whatever subject or subjects they choose to become an authority on.

Onwards and upwards!

Bake Radio