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Page Rank and its Unimportance

I thought, seeing as Google appear to be doing another Page Rank update right now, that I’d talk about page rank and its unimportance in the grand scheme of things from the perspective of an Internet marketer. You might not like what you’re going to hear, or then again, maybe you might. It certainly will come as a surprise to some people, that’s for sure.

First of all, what is Page Rank, or PR as its also known in online business circles?

Page Rank is basically a ranking number that is assigned to a web page that is arrived at via a complex algorithm known only to Google that gives some indication as to the presumed authority that web page carries on a scale of 0 to 10. Zero is the lowest rank, while 10 is the highest. But already, this brings up questions as to what is meant by authority. In the sense of PR, authority is a vague assignment of trust given to a page by Google and is arrived at partly on the basis of the number and authority of incoming links from external websites and web pages.

Note: PR is NOT an indicator of SERPs authority or potential for index placement for a given keyword!

Unfortunately for many Internet marketers and e-commerce business owners, including a good number of so-called SEO experts, PR is often misunderstood in the context that if an incoming link originates from a page with a high PR, it will give more SERPs authority to its recipient web page, or site domain. It will not!

The only way to gain SERPs authority is to have sufficient incoming links that are (I’m not telling you) that the recipient wishes to rank for, regardless of the PR of the originating link donor. But that’s a secret, so don’t go telling everyone LOL!

So all these so-called SEO experts who go buying links from high PR sites in the belief that they will enable them to outrank a site with fewer inbound high PR links are mistaken. But we’ll let them keep doing what they do, otherwise if they knew the truth, they’d change the way they work and create more competition for those who really know what they’re doing. Let that be a warning to anyone considering paying an SEO company potentially thousands of dollars for nothing! Sure, they can get your site to the top of the SERPs for a crappy keyword that no one really cares about. I could do that with a single post here if I could be bothered.

Perhaps this very page will rank for the term Page Rank and its Unimportance, without me doing anything to it! We’ll see.

But NO SEO company I know of is capable of getting your website to the top of the SERPs for a highly competitive keyword, such as weight loss, or make money, or credit cards, for instance. If they could, and they really were that good, then don’t you think they’d buy their own domain and SEO it to the top of the SERPs for a huge money generating keyword? Instead of charging clients a few lousy thousand dollars to (not) do it for their sites, they could reap millions from having the top website for one of the real big hitters!

They don’t, period.

Which just goes to show what they know about Page Rank! In fact, PR is really only any use to you as a guide to how much trust Google place in your site, although it is not a definitive guide and certainly not a guide of your site’s potential for ranking in the SERPs for a given keyword.

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How to Rank Your Blog in the Search Engines with SEO

Following up on the last post where I looked at how to make money online from your blog hosted here at Bake Radio, I’ll look at using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to rank your blog in the search engines. This is of major importance to making money with Adsense, although it is also the most powerful way to make money online from any source, be it affiliate products, your own products, PPC, eBay, advertising and lead generation.

SEO is usually divided into two main sections, which are on-site SEO and off-site SEO. On-site SEO deals with the things that you can do directly with your blog to optimise it for the search engines and you may have limited success in small, uncompetitive niches employing these methods. Off-site SEO involves obtaining backlinks to your blog from other blogs and websites on the Internet. Of the two, off-site SEO will be responsible for about 90% of your blog’s search engine placement success.

For this reason, you should really devote 90% of your time on off-site SEO, or gathering backlinks to your blog from as many different sources as possible. These include article submissions, directory submissions, blog comments (in do-follow blogs), forum posts, social bookmarks as well as outright asking for links from other blog owners. The last one will usually provide the strongest links, but are often the hardest to obtain.

Another way is top create your own links to your blog by building supporting sites such as Squidoo lenses, Hub pages, blogs on other free hosting platforms etc where you can control the links that come to your main blog here on Bake Radio. Some care is needed with this method so you don’t appear to be obviously creating what is known as a link farm, as this pastime is frowned upon by the search engines. So don’t overdo it and link sensibly!

A really great way to get links to your blog is to join up with Connect Content, for which there is a small banner advertisement in the top right column of this blog. It only costs a nominal $12 per month and gives you access to a huge community of bloggers who all know the powerful benefit of giving and receiving links.

On-site SEO is potentially far more complicated and simply not worth going too deeply into for its small percentage of overall benefit. Obvious things you can do is to write posts that are optimised for the keywords you are targeting. This includes using those keywords in the content, in the post titles, in the blog’s main title and in the blog URL. This is also necessary to get the best and most relevant Adsense ads to be served on your blog.

So there is SEO in a nutshell. If you need more detailed information on SEO, there are some good blogs hosted right here on the subject as well as checking out the forum.

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