Bake Radio Stations

Bake Radio Stations are a new kind of single page information sites that enables owners to create single page mini-sites on a single subject and tightly focus on one topic of interest. They are simple in looks and not cluttered with a ton of web2.0 paraphenalia as some mini-site hosts are. This leaves them looking good, clear and ready to add informative text that the reader's eye is better drawn towards.

Advertisements can be placed in the right hand sidebar to enhance the page's ability to earn its owner money from a variety of sources, such as affiliate products and services, PPC ads, ads for your own products and services and third party advertising space.

What can Bake Radio Stations be Used For?

Bake Radio Stations can be written on any subject you like as long as its legal, morally acceptable and would not upset anyone else. Certain topics must be avoided, such as adult content, hate, racist, terrorist, fanaticist as well as such topics that are regularly abused by spammers.

All Bake Radio Stations are strictly moderated to prevent anything untoward being published. We want to run a tight ship and make sure that every single Station is an informative and useful collection of information.

Let's give the search engines exactly what they want to see in well written, informative and relevant pages that are free from spam and other unwanted content!