Helicopter Rental

It may come as something of a surprise to learn that helicopter rental is becoming ever more popular as a means of commuting to and from the office for high flying executives and well paid consultants in many fields of business.

When it comes to getting across town by the fastest, easiest and most exhilarating way, a helicopter ride is certainly it.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages to making use of helicopter rentals for not just your daily commute to and from the office, but for other journeys too? These might involve business meetings in other towns or cities or social occasions where an entrance is a big deal.

Let's take a long hard look at what makes helicopter charter services so attractive these days for getting from home to wherever you have to be, swiftly, without stress and in real style!

The Benefits of Helicopter Rental

Some of the real benefits of renting a chopper are to do with time saving, stress beating and being able to travel in a style that still relatively few people can enjoy.

Lets take the time factor of commuting or travelling by this mode of transport instead of the traditional methods of the automobile or public transportation. The time you save by not wasting a big chunk of your day sitting in traffic is more precious than anything because you only live once and life is far too short to be spending so much of it waiting for the guy in front to get a move on!

There are other major benefits as well as just the time factor. Here are some things you will notice when you travel by rented helicopter instead of the car:

If you like the sound of all that, there is more!

Now they are some advantages that you might like the look of. A lot!

Whatever else you may think of travelling in the sky, it sure has got a lot going for it. Not to mention the feeling of being one of a select few that can travel in that manner. That is priceless!

The Disadvantages of Helicopter Rental

If you're looking for a contrasting downside to making use of helicopter charters as a means of travelling around, there are very few to be found. But there are one or two and they are the subject of these next paragraphs.

The first and possibly biggest downside to travelling in one o fthese flying machines is for people who are afraid of flying. That fear puts the kibash on the whole deal and unless they're prepared to seek professional help to overcome their fear, flying in a helicopter is something that just isn't going to happen no matter how exciting or magnificent it may seem to those who are not afraid of flying.

Renting a Helicopter By Choice

The cost of hiring a helicopter may be another barrier to the average commuter. In this sense, you need to balance that cost up against the total cost of your existing commute to and from work. That means not just the cost of gas (petrol) or vehicle wear and tear, insurance, tax and other driving expenses such as the occasional repair bill for any accidents you may have along the way.

You have to factor in the time spent on your journey and what an hour of your time is worth. Then look at the potential medical bills for health problems that are directly related to the stress of your daily journey as it is now. It all adds up and when you compare the total cost of your current commute with that of renting a chopper to get around in, it suddenly doesn't look so expensive any more.

So when all is said and done, if you can justify making use of local helicopter charter services and the cost difference with your regular form of commuting travel is not all that great, you could really be on to a good thing. For starters, your health wil improve for skipping all that rush hour driving related stress.

You'll claw back a couple of hours a day of your life as well, as a chopper ride is only a few minutes compared with an hour or more sitting in stationary or slow moving traffic.

So when you seriously consider this as a viable alternative means of getting about, it makes a lot of sense to really think long and hard about switching to helicopter rental as your new and exciting means of getting to the office!