Home Security Camera Systems

If you are on the lookout for a good quality home cctv security system to increase safety for you and your family, you may be surprised at what I reveal here.

It doesn't seem to matter whereabouts you live these days, crime is on the rise and your home may not be the safe haven it once was. Once upon a time it was possible to go out to the shops and leave your doors unlocked and when you came back it was not unusual to find your next door neighbour had let themselves in and were busy making some tea!

Unfortunately, these days such happenings no longer exist and there are potential thieves and house breakers at every turn. The rise in illegal drugs use has fuelled an epidemic in house burglaries in recent years as drug addicts look for money and valuables that they can exchange for drugs.

Your home is not safe if you have no form of security installed. This document covers the kind of CCTV home security arrays that are currently available for homeowners to deploy at their homes to improve the measures designed to ensure your abode is secure and help to deter intruders by their visual and high profile deterrent value.

Home Security Camera Systems Available to Buy

There are many variations on the household security systems that use cameras and recording devices and we shall look at some of them here.

Simple Wired Surveillance Camera and VCR

The simplest residential camera surveillance are those that use a single camera wired to a home TV and VCR for monitoring and recording what the camera sees. This is adequate for small homes and where crime is not so prevalent. The visual deterrent in the highly visible camera mounted high on the property is often sufficient to see off the casual house breaker who will generally go in search of an unprotected home and leave yours alone.

Wireless Surveillance Camera and DVR

This is a more sophisticated security system that employs a single or multiple cameras connected to a home computer or TV monitor and a DVR (digital video recorder). The system is not hampered with wiring and can be moved as needed for better visual aspect and surveillance.

The system records images produced by the camera in high resilution digital format which produces much better quality images than the older VCR types. Th elength of recording is also nuch improved with the capability of recording constantly for several weeks or even months with some high end systems.

Remote Home Surveillance Systems

These are the most sophisticated types of domestic security system that provide all the high tech wizardry that is available today. This type of system can deploy multiple cameras (currently up to 40) all around your property to cover every square inch of ground and all potential accesspoints to your home, garage and any outbuildings.

The product is able to record signals from all cameras and store high resolution digital images and video onto a DVR hard disk. It really comes into its own when you are away from home and not able to monitor the goings on from where you are.

Using an array of movement detectors and sensors, the system is able to alert you via your cell phone in any movement is detected on your property and the images can also be sent to an Internet enabled cell phone or laptop computer so that you can see what is happening as it happens. You can then call the police or your own security company to investigate as well as forward the images to them.


The advantages of this type of security device is obvious in its high profile on your property. Most would be burglars will avoid properties with surveillance cameras as they do not want be identified and later wind up in prison.

If anyone does get too close, the homeowner can be notified on their cell phone and alert the police or on-site guard if the residential community has one.

The provide peace of mind that your house is more secure and much harder to break into undetected, which is usually enough to send all but the most determined thief to someone else's place that is less secure.