Outdoors: Outside the Home

While there may be plenty to write about inside the home, there must also be considered the outdoors. Outside the home we have lots to talk about in this section of the website.

What are we looking at on the outside of a property, or the place that you live and maybe work from home as well?

For starters, if you live in a house and not an apartment on the first floor or above, there is usually a garden or yard and sometimes a garage, workshop or other outhouse that will have some things of interest.

outdoorsApartments usually have one or more balconies or terraces as outside space, so there's another topic for discussion.

So let's dive in and take an overview look at what we have outside the home and expand on what I have here in separate articles on the subject, listed at the foot of the page.


A garden space is a place to relax, spend some quality time and enjoy your own collection of plants, a nicely manicured lawn and maybe a pool with a patio and some outdoor furniture.

Many gardeners like to have a collection of garden tools to hand and a great place to store them is in a garden shed of some description. What starts out as a simple potting shed soon grows into a full-blown storage shed that gets filled with all the stuff that there is no space for inside the house.

Many guys like to have their ″man cave″ in a shed or a workshop that is separate from the main house. A workshop can be equipped with benches and tools for all kinds of woodworking, repair jobs and some fun crafts.

The garage is supposed to be the place to keep the car out of the way and protect it from any adverse weather, but many people have a lot more going on in their garages aside from just parking the car. Don't forget the driveway and whatever maintenance needs to be done in that part of the property.

Then there are paths, patios, terraces, and other hard standing areas that are functional as places to put patio furniture or erect outdoor lighting systems.


Apartments usually have a balcony or sometimes more than one to provide some outdoor space so you can get out there and get some fresh air.

Often, the balcony (or terrace, deck or whatever you call it) takes the place of a garden and patio rolled into one. It doubles as a place for putting up outdoor furniture to relax on and other stuff to get stored when there is not enough space inside.

I've seen large balconies complete with barbecue area, dining tables and chairs, assorted plants in pots and even a hot tub installed!


Wherever you live, if you have some outdoor space on your property, this section of the website is for you.

In a series of articles, I take a look at the many aspects of outdoor living, working, partying and relaxing and the things that make these pursuits functional or enjoyable as the case may be.

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Posted: February 14, 2024