Bathroom Vanity Cabinets for Additional Storage

If you need additional storage space in your bathroom, the perfect solution is to add one or more vanity units or cabinets to tidy all your stuff away.

Bathroom vanities often take center stage in this room, so for many people it is critical that their design and positioning looks great. Fortunately, because there is such a big market for vanity cabinets, there is a great variety of styles to choose from.

So no matter what style you have in your bathroom, there are bound to be dozens of different cabinets that will be just what you are looking for.

Don't Just Go On Looks

bathroom vanity unitHowever, do not fall into the trap of buying a vanity simply for how it looks. If you want to get the most out of your bathroom cabinet, you will need to consider what exactly you will use it for.

For example, how much space will you require for storing items on top of the unit? How many drawers will you need? And how big will those drawers need to be?

Without asking yourself these questions, you may end up with a cabinet that looks great in your bathroom, but doesn't meet the functional needs of you or your family.

Once you have worked out the functional needs and the style of your cabinet, it's time to go shopping. Many people still prefer to visit physical shops, as these stores give you an opportunity to see each cabinet in the flesh. You can also touch and feel these cabinets.

On the other hand, a growing number of people are now doing their shopping on the Internet. If you have ever felt annoyed at having to visit various stores to find what you want, often wasting your entire weekend, then you can probably relate to people who are joining the online shopping craze. Online shopping means you can look at items from dozens of different stores without even leaving your house.

This can save you both time and frustration.

Corner Make Up Vanity for Your Bathroom

If you've ever had the pleasure of having use of a corner make up vanity, then you know how convenient they can be. Sometimes, in older homes or even guest bathrooms, the space is tight.

These are the perfect situations where you might need to have a bathroom vanity but not want it to take up the entire portion of a wall. The corner of most any room can be a bit of a space waster or space saver depending upon how you use it.

That space can be used quite effectively in the right situations. For smaller rooms, bathrooms specifically speaking, if you think of how the space is used on a ship, you might get a better idea as to how you can use yours more efficiently.

All Clean and Ship Shape

On a ship, a cruise for example, you will notice that the amount of space, while tight, can also be highly efficient. It is as if each square inch is prime real estate and it is used to the max.

Well, this is because it is! It is really no different in a small bathroom space in your home. All of that space is prime real estate that you really cannot afford to waste with larger furniture items or pieces.

With a little eye towards space saving design, that small bathroom space can be turned into something highly functional and usable for extended periods. Your guests or a young child can appreciate having their own bathroom area to use without the need to back in and squeeze around to brush their teeth or put on some makeup.

If you have any plans on expanding that space in the future, like to put in a larger bathroom wall cabinet, then you can know that you have made the best use of the space you had while you had it. Then, when you expand and get the full bathroom with full size mirror and proper lighting, youll appreciate it that much more.

Renovation Budgets and Bathroom Vanity Ideas

When trying to revamp your bathroom in a cost effective way, it is preferable to flip through some home improvement magazines and websites for some chic DIY discount bathroom vanity ideas. A decent amount of research coupled with lots of imagination can do wonders to lend a new look to your bathroom.

Most of the fancy bathroom accessories available in showrooms and shops are great to scroll through until their price tags are discovered. If you intend to do a makeover without burning a hole in your pocket it is best suggested to research well and settle for the ideas that are novel and yet affordable.

Read on the DIY bathroom ideas and see what the latest accessory in demand is. If you do not follow trends, try to make your own style statement by throwing in accessories with different hues, sizes and materials.

Change the Color

For instance if the cabinet is in a good condition and you are bored of its look, you could add a dash of color to give it a fancy appearance or just replace the top to upgrade your faucets. You can use a high adhesion primer before painting it so you do not have to strip the entire cabinet.

It saves time and a lot of effort. For a brand new look, add some cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, which will invigorate the outdated cabinet and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

An antique dresser can be converted into a cabinet by having a hole created on its top to fit in the sink the finishing can be done to suit your taste. It will lend elegance and can add to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.

Another great idea could be using a piece of glass cut or a contemporary tile as a top. This will provide storage and is also be a great style statement.

If the monetary constraints do not allow you to splurge on accessories, simply change the color of the bathroom and throw some cushy bath mats and a pleasant rug and your bathroom makeover is complete.

Adjusting Your Bathroom Vanity to Fit You

It is easy to get immersed in the planning details of a bathroom remodeling job. Matching tub, toilet, and vanity sink involves floor plans and how to most efficiently arrange these items for maximum space and ease of use.

All these items are measured and labeled by their width so you can plan on how to fit them in. But height is also a very important consideration when choosing your vanity bathroom cabinet.

Standard bathroom vanity cabinets are 30 inches tall. While this works well enough for those of medium height, anyone over six foot will be having to bend down to wash their hands while shorter folk have to reach up to gain access to the sink.

Finding an Inexpensive Option

If a custom built vanity cabinet that matches your size is out of reach financially, installing a raised platform to mount the cabinet on top of can be a cheap fix for achieving the optimum use height.

The usual practice with a bathroom vanity is to mount a wall mirror or wall-hanging mirrored medicine cabinet above the vanity sink. This too requires careful attention when mounting so as to have a proper field of view.

If you are installing a small mirror instead of a full size wall mirror, finding the right height to frame your face must be accounted for in your plans.

Finding the proper lighting and placing it for maximum effect also must be figured in. The specific uses you put your bathroom vanity to can determine this. If used for applying makeup, you would place lighting along the sides, whereas just needing a light for room illumination may only be needed along the ceiling.

Remember that your bathroom vanity does serve a utilitarian function. Do not let style overrule sense and install a designer bathroom vanity cabinet that may fit your home decor but be hard to use and inadequate for your needs.


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