One of the most important rooms in your home in terms of functionality and facility is the humble but often overlooked bathroom. This subcategory of the House & Garden section of the site covers this small but frequently occupied room in all its glory.

There are several aspects to this room including the several main functions such as bath, shower, toilet, wash basin, storage cabinets, lighting, decoration and flooring. As well as the accessories and other little extras that can transform it into somewhere special.

Bathroom Remodels Brighten a Home

bathroomMany homeowners often never realize the amount of traffic that their home's bathroom gets on a daily basis. I would venture to argue that it's the clear winner in the number of visits and uses per day.

If you home was built more than 10 years ago, it may be time to refresh that functional room and upgrade it. Many of the homes that I go into locally have never had their bathrooms updated or refurbed in the last 20 or more years.

Upgrading or remodeling a bathroom is a pretty easy project that most do-it-yourself'ers can take on or worst case, hire out inexpensively. In a short amount of time you can have a new bathroom that is not only more enjoyable to use, but increases the value and saleability of your home.

Depending upon your budget, this project can cost as little or as much as you like. Below are some of the basic projects that you should consider at a minimum:

Easy, but more technical projects that will refresh your bathroom can include:

Lastly, these projects are more extensive, but may be a necessity if the bathroom in your home is more than 20 years old:

Again, pink tubs were desired at one point, but not now. This is an inexpensive procedure that can take less than 1 hour to dramatically change the look of the bathroom.

The next time you go into and use your bathroom, have a good look around. Be honest with yourself, has this room been neglected?

If it has, you know what you must do!

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It just so happens that below you're going to find a nice collection of helpful info articles on the subject of improving and beautifying a bathroom. So take a look around here because there might just be the golden nugget of information that can complete your own personal puzzle on how to make the best job on your own special small room.

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