Dualit Toasters

In this article, I review Dualit toasters and reveal how these high-end, high specification toasting appliances have become so popular for people buying online.

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Everyone likes toast, right? Of course they do and so do you! Toast is one of the easiest hot snacks to prepare and it is so versatile you can create a huge variety of toppings to make an almost endless selection of snacks.

Making it is so easy, especially when you use a good toaster, that even the most lunk headed person who can't cook to save their life can make toast!

Think about it. You just grab two slices of bread, you know the ready sliced variety and whether it's white or brown bread, it's your preference. Then you drop each slice into one of the slots of the toaster and pull down the lever or levers for each slot.

Then you wait. The toasted bread pops up when it's done so all you have to do then is spead some butter, margerine or whatever else you want straight onto the piping hot slice. You can do that, can't you?

Of course you can, because it's easy! And you can get real creative with your choice of toppings. Try peanut butter (oh yeah), strawberry jam or conserve, marmalade, chocolate spread, Nutella, honey, Golden Syrup, maple syrup, Marmite (or Vegemite) if you like savoury, cheese, ham, cheese and ham, sliced tomatoes, olive oil, tuna or sardines with freshly ground black pepper and vinegar.

Think you can get even more creative? Sure you can. It all goes with toast!

Dualit Toasters

You can buy these appliances online from major stores. I have included a link to Amazon below.

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Dualit Combi Toasters

The Dualit Combi toasters are the perfectly ideal solution for people that want to have the all round flexibility and convenience of being able to make both regular toast and also great tasting toasted sandwiches. All Dualit Combis come fitted with a minimum one sandwich cage plus a comprehensive and useful recipe book.

They also come with the great energy saving feature of sensible individual slot controls.

Models Available:

The 2+1 model is more simple and comes with a singlee sandwich cage plus individual controls for making toast using one, two or all three of the available toasting slots.

The 2x2 model is a little bigger and comes with two sandwich cages plus the same energy saving individual controls for making slices of toast with one, two or all four of the available slots.

Dualit Marmite Toasters

There is the popular Marmite toaster named after that bastion of Britishness, the ever popular yeast extract spread called Marmite. It makles the perfect partner to a slice of nicely crisped and golden toast!

The Dualit Marmite toaster combines their distinctive styling with the well known colours of a Marmite jar. Whether you love it or hate it, Marmite just took on a new aspect in this stylish and classic kitchen accessory and a must-have for true fans of the black stuff!

Dualit Bun Toasters

These are specifically designed to make the perfect burger bun as well as similar tasty treats like hot cross buns, muffins, bagels or tea cakes. This great appliance is designed to brown one side of the bun while warming the other. They are available in 4 or 6 slot versions.

Dualit Sandwich Toasters

If you're looking for the perfect way to make delicious toasted sandwiches, the Dualit Sandwich toasters are compact, convenient as well as being specifically designed to do just that. They come in two sizes, a two slot and a four slot version complete with sandwich cages for convenience and independent slot controls.

Dualit Conveyor Toasters

For larger kitchens and public eating establishments, Dualit conveyor toasters can toast as many as 250 to 500 slices of toast per hour. They employ a forced convection energy system which gently warms items to perfection.

All models use Radiant Quartz Red Heat quick start-up elements both on top and at the bottom, which are adjusted by individual simmerstats enabling them to control the degree of browning, haeting and toasting precisely.

There are other models in the commercial toasters range which are available depending upon where you are in the world and can be found at their website at www.dualit.com

Posted: January 8, 2024