Hepa Filter Vacuum

In this article, I look at a kind of cleaning tool that is continually growing in popularity, namely the hepa filter vacuum cleaner that does a great job of cleaning floors while minimizing the spread of dust in the atmosphere.

We all knoa that keeping a home clean is a daily chore that is not made any easier by the fact that dust is all round us.

hepa filter vacuumWhat's more disheartening is that it seem that as soon as one load of dust is removed, another takes its place.

Daily vacuuming is the preferred way of dealing with dust so at least it doesn't build up to the levels where it all starts binding together to form "dust bunnies."

Daily Cleanup

Unfortunately, daily vacuuming with a regular vacuum cleaner does not remove the finer particles of dust and in fact tends to scatter these very fine particles of dust into the atmosphere of the room being vacuumed.

This is not generally a problem for healthy people, but for those who suffer from breathing problems, such as asthma, COPD or emphysema etc, these fine particulates can aggravate and exacerbate their breathing conditions, often causing an attack of coughing or of difficulty breathing.

The way around this is to use a vacuum cleaner that incorporates what is known as a "hepa" filter. This special kind of very fine filter traps the fine dust particles and prevents them from being expelled into the air by the vacuuming action.

This leaves the air in the room clear of the very particles that irritate the lining of the lungs and cause the coughing or difficulty breathing in sufferers of breathing difficulties.

Hepa Filter Vacuum Benefits

The benefits of using a vacuum cleaner fitted with a hepa filter in place of a regular one are in their ability to remove upwards of 99 percent of all the fine dust particles that regular cleaners cannot trap and expel into the air instead.

These highly filtered vacuums are also perfect for cleaning beds and removing surface dust mites and their faeces which cause other allergies to manifest without similarly expelling the fine particles from their faeces into the air for people to breathe.

The vacuum cleaner filter itself is generally washable and re-usable many times over before it needs replacing, which is good news for owners of these appliances. It represents an economical solution to not only keeping the carpets and furnishing clean and free of dust, but also keeping the air inside the house clean and allergen-free.

Buy Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaners

When looking to buy one of these appliances, there are plenty of options available to you. You can shop in the real world stores and also on the Internet.

The choice is really up to the individual and how they prefer to shop, but a useful tip when buying this type of device is to go to first check out the manufacturer and model options in a catalog, Then visit a real world store to see the machine and maybe get a feel for it

After you've done that, shop around online for the best prices and delivery options. There are several well known brands that make these specially filtered vacuums, such as:

...and many more amongst the leading brands. Again the choice of brand and model is down to personal choice and several factors may sway that choice.

These factors will be price, warranty options, power options, weight, bag or bagless, upright or cylinder, additional tools provided, delivery options etc. Of course, for most people price is often the deciding factor when all other options have been weighed up.

That's where the Internet comes into its own for the speed and selection of stores that will offer the model you have decided upon and can all be compared against one another easily and swiftly to enable to buyer to arrive at the best price.

Posted: January 16, 2024