Whatever jobs you need to do around the house, there are a number of excellent labor saving tools that can make those chores easier and faster to complete.

Powered and manual tools in all shapes, sizes, colors and formats exist to make your life just that little bit easier when it comes to maintaining a comfortable, clean and welcoming living environment that is your home.

handyman toolsIn this section of the Bakeradio House and Home main category, I will be featuring various time and labor saving devices, tools and equipment designed to help you maintain your home and/or home office in optimum condition without any of it being too much like hard work.

Household Appliances

A lot of the items I'll be covering in these pages will be commonly used household appliances. Devices such as cleaners, vacuums, washers, dryers etc that are not specific to the kitchen (that's in another section all of its own) are the main focus in this area.

The emphasis is on devices that save time and effort to get their respective jobs done so that we don't have to use up valuable time on chores that can be accomplished more quickly and more effectively than they would if we had to do all these chores by hand!

Repair Tools

I'll also be looking at a number of commonly used home repair tools used mainly by handy-men and -women or anyone with sufficient know-how and motivation to do certain repair jobs themselves rather than employ someone else.

Power tools such as drills, sanders, saws etc all have their place in the handyperson's cache of go to powered equipment alongside the usual brace of hand held tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers etc). There are plenty of items to cover in this area that are used by a great many homeowners who like to do certain repair jobs themselves.

There are also a number of woodworking tools that are often in demand when any woodwork is undertaken in the home. This can be anything from fitting a new shelf to installing whole display cabinets, wardrobes and/or storage cabinets, tables, chairs and wall units.

Painting Tools

We mustn't forget the many painting tools and accessories that find themselves being in demand following many household repairs that were done with some of the above tools. Walls and ceilings often need a fresh coat of pain after cracks and holes have been filled and smoothed down.

Woodwork also finds itself in need of new coats of paint or varnish over time as colors or whites fade or just come to the end of their useful time and we feel like a change of color or finish.

The Right Tool for the Job

Whenever a homeowner chooses to undertake a repair or refurbishment project no matter how large or small, they will always find they are short of one or more tools essential for the job! I know I do whenever I get busy with a new project.

There's always one or more drill bits missing, or found broken in the toolbox, or a certain size screwdriver is needed to get into awkward places for example. It's also a good excuse to go shopping for a new tool or two to add to the already comprehensive cache of tools bursting out of full toolboxes.

Or maybe it's just time to go buy a new, latest model toolbox ready for those new tools to fit safely into!

Check out the titles below for some interesting home repair tools and home appliances covered and reviewed in this section of the website. There are sure to be some items that you perhaps didn't know you needed until just now!


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