Cash Back App You Must Have: Upside App

Did you know you can get an even better deal on purchases in addition to what your credit card gets you when you use a cash back app like Upside App?

That's right!

You can earn even more cash back when you shop using the Upside app to boost your savings on many everyday purchases in stores and online.

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You can even get money back when you buy gas with Upside, which is something not many other similar companies offer you!

How to Get the Upside App

First, you need to sign up for the Upside app, which is really easy. Oh, and it's free!

Here is a handy link that will take you directly to the Upside website where you can sign up for yours:

Note: Offer currently only available for residents in the United States.

I am an affiliate of Upside App and earn from qualifying sales

Note: Use promo code SAVEGAS to activate the $0.25/gal sign-up bonus!

How Much Money Back Does Upside Get You?

The actual percentage of cash you can get back when using the app depends on the stores you make purchases from.

While one company's offer may differ from others, as a ballpark figure you can expect to get back around 11c per gallon at gas stations, 10% at restaurants and 7% on groceries. If you shop around, you'll find that some companies are better than others.

Some can offer much higher cash-back rates, like up to 45% at certain restaurants, but you can (and should) check with the establishment first.

What is Upside App?

cash back app you must have: upside appThis is a cash-back shopping reward app that almost anyone can use on their phone to claim a percentage of the purchase price of things you buy.

The company was started in 2016, with the first gas stations partnering with them in May of that year. It has continued to grow year on year as new partners have joined, offering cash-back incentives to customers using the app.

You can use the website do a search to find businesses near you that are partnered with Upside. This is a handy tool if you're going to the local stores and want to know where you can use the app.

How Does Upside Make its Money?

Upside is partnered with well over 50,000 businesses and it's their job to help increase the customer base of those businesses.

So each time a customer makes a purchase via the app, Upside earns a percentage of the profit made from the purchase. This is a common marketing strategy used by businesses to gain more new customers in addition to advertising.

The Upside of Upside (Pros)

There are plenty of pros to using the Upside app to get cash back on purchases.

What's not to like about getting some real coin back for buying what you already buy every week?

The app is free to sign up with and use wherever it is accepted. Who doesn't love free!

Not only that, but you can stack the app alongside store cards and credit cards that already give you cash back on purchases. That effectively doubles your potential to get money back off what you spend!

The Downside of Upside (Cons)

What could possibly be bad about a free app that gets you cash back on many of your regular purchases?

Well, it is not available everywhere you shop, but the app will let you know if it's accepted or not wherever you are buying stuff.

It might sound like a no brainer, but the app doesn't give you a discount directly at the time of purchase. You have to remember it's not a discount or coupon, but you have to wait until your purchase is verified before your cash-back is added to your account.

How Long to Wait for Cash Back?

If you are wondering how long you'll have to wait before your cash-back is added to your account, you won't have to wait long.

Most of all validated cashback claims are paid into the Upside app within 48 hours. This is from receiving notification of a qualifying transaction from your bank.

Be aware that in some cases it can take longer, for instance 3-4 days, but the goal of Upside is to get your money to you as fast as possible.

Summary: Should You Get the Upside App?

If you are anything like me (I love a bargain), you'll be sure to want to get access to an app that gives you even more cashback in addition to what you can already get with a credit card or store cards.

This app costs nothing to sign up for or use, so there's no barrier to getting it for yourself and taking full advantage of it wherever it's accepted.

Click the link below and take a look for yourself to see if this is something you can really use and make some great additional savings with:

Note: Offer currently only available for residents in the United States.

I am an affiliate of Upside App and earn from qualifying sales

Note: Use promo code SAVEGAS to activate the $0.25/gal sign-up bonus!

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Posted: May 23, 2024