Win a $500 Etsy Gift Card

Discover how to win a $500 Etsy gift card that you can use on purchases made at the popular arts and crafts online store for a huge variety of products.

Millions of people shop online at Etsy for interesting, unique or unusual items that are often not found in other stores.

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win a $500 etsy gift card

There is such a huge variety of things you can buy from Etsy sellers, with the vast majority being small collage industry style businesses making amazing craft items that you just won't find anywhere else.

Just think what you could buy with an extra $500 in your virtual pocket. Just let your imagination run away with itself!

What is Etsy

If you have never heard of Etsy before, here is a little background to bring you up to speed.

Etsy is a large online marketplace for all kinds of home made arts and crafts products that are on sale by their creators. This can include simple things made by a person in their spare time or a cottage industry-style business for creative people to seel the things they create.

You can also buy a huge range of manufactured products that are based on art or craft designs, such as printed garments, wall art, household items such as cushion covers, mats etc as long as the original design is by a creative person and not something that is mass-produced by a larger business or corporation.

You can buy items online from Etsy in the same way you buy most things on the Internet, via their own ecommerce store and checkout pages.

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