Home Treadmills

You may already know that home treadmills are extremely useful and beneficial items of fitness exercise equipment that you can easily install in your home and make good use of on a daily or very frequent basis.

These highly useful and easy to use pieces of fitness apparatus are simple to set up and once they are in place, using them is child's play!

Of course, the true benefits to owning and using a home treadmill equipment accessory come from the regular and frequent exercise they provide you with. Walking is a form of exercise that we all can do more of and is of great value to improving a myriad of health aspects. This article will delve into those many health benefits and advantages that can be enjoyed by walking on a daily basis.

It looks at the role of home treadmills to make this kind of exercise possible even if you live in a neighbourhood that is not conducive to walking out on the streets for whatever reason.

Home Treadmills: The Benefits

First of all, when we think of the benefits to health that walking on its own can bring, its easy to transfer those benefits to making full use of hoem treadmills to perform the same function as walking outside. The only difference, from a user point of view in terms of exercise and the improvements to health are that using a fitness treadmill is done in the privacy of your own home and carries many convenience factors along with it.

Probably the most useful and desirable of all the convenience factors afforded by home treadmills are the fact that you can still get your daily allowance of walking done even when the weather is terrible. Let's face it, no one wants to go out for a nice long walk when its teeming down with rain, or there is a force nine gale blowing through the streets.

Or worse, it's snowing or so cold that you'll likely freeze to death before you get home again! When the weather is bad, owning an exercise treadmill that you can get your few miles of walking in whilst protected from the worst of the elements is a huge benefit!

Other benefits include the convenience of having your very own clear strip of walkway that no one else is going to invade with their body, luggage, prams or pushchairs, or unruly brood of offspring in tow. That's right, when you're walking the streets, there are a multitude of obstacles that can get in your way and interfere with your rhythm and step rate.

You need a clear path to be able to concentrate on your walk because it is, after an exercise session before all else and you don't want to have to keep stopping every time an idiot with a suitcase on wheels barges in front of you!

There is also the convenience of being able to get out of bed, do your stretching routine and then, without bothering to get dressed if you don't want to, get straight onto your home treadmill and start your exercise routine withour the encumberances of all that getting ready to walk out onto the street where other people will see you!

Home Treadmill Brands

There are several good quality makers of these machines, so I'll just list a few of the more popular and better known manufacturers, so that you'll know them when you go looking for one of your own.

Probably the best known manufacturer is Nordictrack treadmills, followed by Epic treadmill, Star Trac treadmills, Vision Fitness treadmills, Pro Form treadmills, Tunturi treadmill, Pacemaster treadmill, Spirit treadmills, Horizon treadmills, Trimline treadmill, Weslo Cadence c44 treadmill and many others besides.

The Disadvantages of Home Treadmills

Ok, while there are many advantages to owning one of these excellent pieces of fitness equipment, there are also some disadvantages that you need to be aware of before finalizing your decicion to go out and purchase one.

First is the cost of home treadmills. you can argue that it costs nothing to go for a walk around the streets or in the local park and you'd be correct in that. But as mentioned earlier, bad weather can keep you from doing your daily walking exercise.

Second is the fact that home treadmills do take up space and you'll need to make allaowances for that in a room that may well be dedicated to other pursuits. If you have the space, then that's fine, but of you live in a tiny apartment, you may want to think twice.

One last disadvantage, which really isn't but I thought I should mention it anyway and that's missing out on getting the fresh air into your lungs when you walk outdoors on a nice day. Now, owning one of these machines will not keep you from taking advantage of nice days and going out for a walk instead of using the apparatus indoors.

You can do that any time you want! But you can get into the habit od only using the machine and missing out on fresh air, assuming you live in a neighbourhood that has fresh air and safe streets to walk along, of course!

At the end of the day, the decision whether to purchase your own home treadmill is down to personal preference, residential location and the availability of space to install it and whether or not you intend to use it regularly and not just for the first five minutes and then leave it to gather dust as just another fad toy that you soon lose interest in. A home treadmill may not be for life, but it should certainly be used for what it was intended for in the first place.